Geometric Software Suspended from Trading

If you own Geometric software, then you must have noticed that they are suspended from trading. The reason is that Geometric which was partially owned by HCL will be demerged, and if you are a resident shareholder, this is what will happen.

Say you own 430 shares of Geometric.

You will be issued 10 shares of HCL for each 43 shares of Geometric. That will give you 100 shares of HCL.

The remaining will be issued in preference shares (which can be listed or unlisted). In this case they will be listed and can resume trading once you have received them and the exchanges have approved them for trading.

So if you hold Geometric - dont panic and sit tight for 15 days. You will get HCL and GSL as seperate shares.

If you hold very small quantity, then your shares will be sent to a trust with trustees who will liquidate and send you the money in your bank account.

Everything is legally explained here:
Geometric Offer

See page 25 , section 14.8