Get alerts for stock that has moved 0. 4% or more up or down in last 1 minute


I have installed pi software, how to get alerts or create scanner for stocks that have moved either up or down in other words increased or decreased by 0.4% or more in last 1 minute or in last 1 minute candle.

I need it specially in/for NSE cash segment.

Please help…

Thank you

hElLO tRaDeR,


CLOSE > (REF(CLOSE,1) * 1.004)


CLOSE < (REF(CLOSE,1) * 1.004)

thank you for replying!
I am getting so many alerts but these stocks have not moved either up or down by o.4% in last one minute!? something is wrong in the script! please check!

Can you try the updated, Split version of the code.

hello brother,
I made two separate scanners for increase and decrease, again the same issue… so many scripts coming up in scan but these scripts have NOT moved “0.4% or more” in the last 1 minute which is I am looking for! they have moved pretty small than that!
are we adding more zeroes in the script? please check something is wrong which we are not able to catch yet!

can you please help I am waiting for the reply please see my last message I posted… thank you