Getting Live Options Prices in Google Sheets

is there any way to get live options prices in google Spread Sheets
only Nifty and Bank nifty if possible can any one help me
how to get it.


@ShubhS9 bro have any clue about this?

No idea how to do this but there is this thread which you can check out, but rather than taking this route and looking at delayed prices why don’t you try Sensibull’s Option Chain.

Thank you bcoz i want only some particular strikes, if it comes excel i can extract easily

You can import to excel but they will not update automatically.
For import use powerquiry and nse website

Geeting live data is Google Sheets not possible as it does not support WebSockets.

There are time-based triggers you can create which can be periodically executed where you can write code to fetch data from any API (or web scrape NSE website), but sadly no realtime data.

I did a lot of research on this, as I used to track option strategies (paper trade), it was a lot easier to write strategies in sheets and track from anywhere (but not supported in Sheets mobile app).

I then created and hosted .Net Based API to fetch the data from NSE website, and created Sheets functions to display data in cells by passing the specific symbol as function parameter. This function in turn calls the .net API to fetch price for that symbol.