Getting only Sound, no notification of Streak in Windows 10

Hello Streak, can you help on this. I recently updated my computer OS. I am getting only sound, no notifications.
I am using Windows 10, 64bit

I was unable to trade properly today due to this, Please kindly advise on this.

Kindly refer to the below steps to enable notifications in your PC/Laptop:

Step1: Once you are logged in to the Streak Web page, ensure the notifications and sound are enabled as denoted by arrow 1.

Step 2: Now, open the system “Settings” (arrow 2) and click on “Notification and Action”.

Step 3: Now, Turn on the Notification bar as denoted by arrow 3.

Step 4: After which, Scroll down and find “Google Chrome” >> Turn on the Notification bar as denoted by arrow 4

Step 5: click on Google Chrome, ensure to enable sound and set the Notification priority to “Top”

Step 6: After enabling all the above settings, you must get a pop-up notifications. Refer arrow 6.


Thankyou so much team. Really appreciate your detailed explanation.
Issue fixed.

This picture guide is really helpful, even for those who don’t know the inside-out of the operating system.

Truly appreciate.

Yes I agree people can face difficulties with such issues

the best part is the explaining are always begineer friendly.

This was really helpful. Great work.