Getting Panicked Now

Hello guys,

In past, I have had to be invested in Airtel for 7 months (Feb-Aug 2021) in order for it go high. There was a time when it was showing huge loss in my portfolio but in August 2021, I luckily existed at 10k profit.

Now I’m seeing that market has been just falling every day and we’re in a recession now. Even being invested in blue-chips like Tata group, my portfolio is in deep red. Can someone please please guide me how long this mayhem can last? I’m getting kind of panicked now.

Please advice.


Nifty was around 7k when corona came. Now it is still more than double. Don’t panic and sell the bluechips.


When Covid-19 was identified, Nifty was at 12K


Yes I am talking after the fall from where it started recovering.


That can be read in two entirely different ways. Dangerous phrasing!

I think what you meant was:

  • Don’t panic, and don’t sell the bluechips

and NOT

  • Don’t panic, and sell the bluechips!

I mean both. You got it right i want people to sell bluechip so i can buy them


in any bad in market or panic i will buy index like nifty50, banknifty, juniourbees etf , i never panicked ,

when everybody panic we need to greed
when every body greed we need to panic (or no panic)


Thanks, that was indeed a good advice.

Bro can you please advice the best ETF?

Stay invested. Stop with equity for now and get into precious metals.

The Nifty ETFs and junior bees ETFs can do the job. Apart from that it is difficult to invest in ETF due to liquidity constraints.

Note: These are my personal view and should not be treated as investment advice


I think most of us would be witnessing a blood bath in their portfolio. Hold on to your blue chip stocks at all times. You don’t need to panic since the entire market is down. All of us are in this together. Just keep calm and wait until the grass gets green. Hoping that the market will recover soon and we will get to see a bull run. I wish I had some better advice for you but there is nothing else we can do about it. Let’s wait!

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This is the best advise bro, thanks!!

Why don’t you hedge the position till the things clear??