Gift stocks | Seeking help

Lately, I have been working on an idea of gifting a stock which at moment is possible only between Zerodha to Zerodha investor in digital form.

But wish to create a seamless process so that even a user who is not having any account can gift stocks to his sister in Rakhi, not in digital form, but in a wrapped box with fancy greetings, like Stockpile in the US (
But in India, regulations are different.

Even if I create a website to gift stocks so that He can buy a share for his sister to gift in Rakhi, but am I allowed to sell a share since I am not the registered broker?

I assume, only the license broker can sell the share, is there any other alternative to execute this idea? Or the only way is to have a registered broker for the backend?

Your any suggestion would be really highly appreciated and to see how exactly Stockpile works, you can check out this,

Please connect to ideate :slight_smile: