Give access 2 call n trade 2 modifie BO n CO

2day was my 1st trading day wid Zerodha Placed BO order n wen I was abt 2 modified d TGT price error occured I tried 4-5 tyms bt it was nt getting modifieng so I called up call n trade n ask dem 2 modifie d TGT bt dey told me dey dnt hv a access 4 it. So I had 2 exit PI n relogin n den it got modified N u knw wht coz of dis I lost few bucks. Jst mentioning dis coz if possible provide access 2 call n trade team so dey can modifie d BO n CO orders!

Kindly write feedback and suggestions related to zerodha to [email protected] or can call 080 40402020.

I had already did bt so far der is no respond…