Global hunger index - Our ranking fell ; your thoughts?

At 107th rank, we are lower than srilanka, Nepal , Pakistan and just slightly above Afghanistan. Which kind of makes it hard to believe

Your thoughts on the report?

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Perhaps true, perhaps not.

True because, despite many government initiatives, non government organizations are doing their part, we are a large country, so not everyone is not fed, possible.

False because, if the surveys are done by foreign agencies, there is a possibility of them having ulterior motives, not the agency per se, but the people who fund, possible.

I believe this report should be torn and thrown into dustbin
How can, Sri Lanka which is dependent on humanitarian aid from India, be above India

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Maybe they are self sufficient with food produce, better than us in this one aspect, while economy may have collapsed.

Read a few points about their crisis, but unable to recollect if they also import some food items, among other things :thinking:

They were self sufficient but not any more. In the name of 100% organic farming, they destroyed their entire agriculture. Now India and some other countries are providing them with food, medicines, petroleum, gas etc

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Whether report is right ir wrong the fact is that India is a poor country. Its not hard to find poverty around us.