Global Markets are zooming ahead. What about Nifty?

This is the excerpts from my morning market view that is posted early in the morning in my blog

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Developed markets had zoomed ahead.

USD, JPY & Gold were all down .

Emerging market ETFs were positive

Asian markets have opened in positive territory this morning


SGX Nifty seems to be less enthusiastic but trades in positive territory

Continuing border standoff with China

US protests are spreading worldwide.

Global Markets: - Leaping ahead

Developed markets European, US and Japanese markets zoomed ahead with more than 3% gains on Friday. Emerging market ETFs/assets traded in US went further up as well. All risk assets crude oil, emerging market assets, high yield bonds, EM currencies were up. All-around risk on mood in the global markets is visible. Safe haven assets USD, JPY and Gold are were lower.

ASIAN Markets this morning: - Positive

Asian markets opened this morning in positive territory but they are less enthusiastic than the US and European markets. SGX Nifty is trading above the Fridays Nifty close however it’s not displaying strong momentum. IT is trading about 100 points above Nifty’s Fridays close.

Calendar events

There are no significant calendar events scheduled today

India : Will developed markets enthusiasm help Nifty?

Nifty closed in positive territory on Friday. Net buy from both FII & DII were small. While advance decline ratio for NSE rose to very high levels of 6.7. This shows that there is all around buying interest from investors in the market. Globally, overall emerging market assets are performing well.

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In India, banks have to lend money to small business for the economy to go up.

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Excerpts from my morning pre-market blog: :+1: :heart_eyes:

“Global sentiment will help Nifty open in positive territory. Gap resistance for Nifty is at 10350. While profit booking may not push Nifty below 10180 today”