Gold Mini Options would be available for trading from June 8

NSE launches ‘Gold Options’ in commodity derivatives segment

Sebi approve ‘Options’ in goods contracts on underlying gold spot price for trading in the commodity derivatives segment available for trading from June 8, to be from Mondays through Fridays and the trading session will be from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm/11:55 pm
Guys Share your views. :slight_smile:

NSE Circular


Lot size ? How much amount required (minimum) to take option ? like nifty/banknifty even with 100rs also can we taken ?

but zerodha is not allowing to trade NSE commodity future and option segement , thats a catch

@siva can you allowed to trade in commodity segment in NSE


BSE also launched from 1st June delivery based Options. Gold 100 gram and silver 1kg contract… Volumes reached 500cr per day

Not anytime soon.Also as of now volumes are very less.

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@siva @nithin Here is document released by BSE underlying the specifications for gold mini options.

It was supposed to release on june 8 but nowhere to be found on marketwatch. First they need to be available and then volumes increase.

Following is the screenshot from BSE website. GOLDM is amongst most active contracts.

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MCX will launch the gold mini options and silver 5 kg options from August expiry onwards.

Any idea where exactly we can buy/sell GoldM options ??