Good and Free Source to Learn Python for Trading

I want to learn Python for automated trading from scratch. Is there any free source for that?

Also, can I learn Pine Script (Tradingview) without any background in coding? Or should I learn other coding first?

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Sometimes it may cost us to learn something good, that should not be considered as cost but as investment.

I suggest starting with YouTube and find a teacher who you are able to understand well. It can be daunting if you are not familiar with computers in depth, even then you will require a fair bit of practice to be able to write function programs. Good luck

Alternative resources include interactive learning websites and the official Python tutorial in their documentation, it should be perfect for someone with prior programming experience.

Here is a list of resources from the Python wiki:

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In Udemy there are 2 courses by Jose Portilla which are really well explained. First one is “2020 Complete Python Bootcamp” and the other is “Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading”. Both will cost you around 500 each and some days even 399. The Bootcamp course will teach you all basics of Python 3 along with 2 mini projects. The algorithmic trading course is good only to give you a start and mostly covers US markets. I would suggest you to check out both the courses. Trust me I enjoyed a lot learning them. You’ll too.

You have to spend a little if you want quality. Consider them an investment like you would pay for school or college but much less in amount.

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