Good fundamentals, beaten down price make MCX a safe bet

The trade i am looking to enter for a mid to long term is MCX somewhere around current market price (Since it will be a positional trade so i won’t mind even if it comes 20-30 rs down which is quiet possible after seeing movement of nifty today.

Stop loss 930

1st Target 1050
2nd Target 1100+

I will buy CNC (in cash) and hold it for at least 15-20 trading session

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How do you define it’s Good fundamentals?

Generally by quarterly results u can get a sense of it

There you go, Tapovan. Hopefully, commodity options add some xfactor to your pick.


Thank you. I do hope options will add to the volume and profits too

It has got extremely good fundamental because of the pattern.

It is strong stable and quick and sticky.

The pattern is called Eight legged Freak on prowl. Since you are standing on the right side of the spider, you only get to see four legs.


Just for reference

if you get time check this out

So you don’t have your own definition of the “Good Fundamentals”, that you need some random analyst at HDFC Securities to tell you?

Why so? Don’t like the stock? :thinking:

yes man I hate MCX.

Then trade only on NSE & BSE :smiley:

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I am sure you know the definition of disease but do you really cure it yourself when you get sick or you visit a random doctor?

I’m sure to you also it will sound absurd if someone ask you that " you don’t have a “cure” for yourself that you need a random doctor in a hospital to treat you?

I am not a professional technical analyst fellow trader. I do it for myself for earning some extra bucks. So when you asked about fundamentals i shared with you the report to look all the fundamentals of this stock. My definition of fundamentals will be the same as for any person who analyse companies

yes but don’t trade MCX on NSE or BSE.

Good for you man!

Looking at the charts of MCX, it will not be good to catch a falling knife. I will wait for it to consolidate after a downturn. @Tapovan_Vashisht_Vik Thank you for the fundamental details, I will keep it my buy watchlist.

Sir, today it made the same exact low what it made on 22/08/2017. Now trading above. I am wishing the price comes down more so i can buy it in a big quantity.:heart_eyes:

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Great. I would be comfortable buying after the Daily charts give a hint of a turnaround.

You are talking about delivery?
Whats the minimum time period to hold it then?

Bro i can hold it even for a quarter. Since last 2-3 months i have been waiting for such an opportunity to buy in cash. I just hope it breaks the previous low of 980.10 and come down somewhere around 950. At least give 15-20 trading session if you buy