Good option stratey

I have already lost, 25k … Can anybody suggest me best option strategy with 2 lakh investment?

Yes I bought one good strategy for 15000/-…
You can earn 7-10% pm without tension.
Capital requirement is approx 1,lac for one lot Nifty.

Follow this - BankNIFTY Lavania Model - Google Sheets

Current Open trade is 26800PE and 28000CE sell at 22.7 and 36.75 respectively - 2 lots

  1. This is free.
  2. It aims to make 2% per week as BN is weekly contract.
  3. It is a negatively skewed system.

Thanks. There is no protection? It is naked selling right?


on most days there is more than one strike being sold. skewness

. please check the payoff diagram for the latest BNF trade expiring 24 jan. In case of the range being crossed losses would commence upon breaching the break even at range ± sum of the premiums. also if you include trading costs the break even and consequently the P&L will get affected adversely.
(warning :slight_smile: ead with grain of salt as i am not an expert or a consistently profitable trader)

Thanks. Should I sell or buy?

Wru from? I have amazing nifty strategy.


its a selling based premium collecting strategy. also first just trade it on paper or in excel sheet. once you are comfortable you may trade it. also such strategy will whip left and right in a volatile market. so the experience will only hold you good. another thing is that a basic understanding of the underlying strategy and trade management is an absolute. one more point is that how fast is the trades being executed updated in the sheet. pls consider all this among other aspects before you hop on. cheers!!!

Oh okay… thanks a lot…

How much investment it needs?

Can you bit explain about exit strategy…like when you decide to exit or shift to higher strike…for eg. 6 Dec expiry or 13 Dec expiry

There is a protection. We are closing the trade when something happens. However with God’s grace it happened only once so far

I just shared the sheet if someone wants to copy the trades.

I am already following you on slack…thanks

i know its hard to believe when people loss money they came up with more money think to recover loss or make more profit or they just over trade…sometimes looking for strategy and often rely on some else tips or service i strongly suggest you to do not trade blindly, work with you knowledge practice and learn because if you can make money one on day on someone else tips or strategy but what if you faces more big losses further.i faced these problem but i kept learning and analyzing practicing.just a peace of advice