Good till cancel order is needed


The GTC order is very useful in trading stocks . Daily placing order for stop loss is very is very much different from GTC.


Exchanges don’t support GTC in India. Brokers have to run their own layer on top of exchange for this. Little tricky, hence taking us time.


When I was trading with sharekhan they were using this system . It can be done by command channel bypass system. GTC can be extracted at your channel and latched with time validity passing new orders consecutively.


Thanks nithin for your comment . It feels good with your reply .


Is this coming in near future ?


It has been long wait and its pain to set stop loss daily especially when stock is consolidating near your entry. Please provide this feature at the earliest.


We are working on something similar.


@siva Why can’t you atleast provide repeat order on select all similar to cancel order button so we don’t have to go through pain of clicking each stock and placing stop loss order daily. Until you come up with solution atleast we could select all and click repeat order.


We are already working on, also what you are saying is not a simple thing, also may be till then one can place manually or use sentinel baskets.