Google Chrome dark mode option


I am experimenting with chrome dark mode option. Just wanted to test how it works with kite. Did not feel great overall. I think it might improve over time as it is an experimental feature now. Is there any one who has tested this with charts and live trading. How was your experience? Any specific setting or parameter you used to improve experience?

If u want to try kite Dark mode for chrome I have an amazing Chrome extension for you which allows you try different themes colours your eyes don’t get hurt even if you watch the chat for hours. I’m leaving extension link below try if u want.


check this Kite Font Change

I second darkreader. I have been using this for almost last 3 months. The issue with the default chrome dark mode while using with Kite was that inverts the candlestick colors (green to red and vice versa). The dark reader doesn’t do that. Try it.

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It is high time the Devs recognize the need and importance of Dark theme / mode / skin. Its been around for many years now,

I don’t even know how they began with single bright white and stuck to it even when there are so many references including Pi.
I’m referring to web browser, even the Android App is so well done so why orphan all the web components ?

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Agree. The Android app of Kite has great and complete dark theme. Hopefully kite web version gets a “complete” dark theme.

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I use a personal version of dark mode. Follow the steps here - How to use Kite in Dark Mode - Programming - Unofficed

The end UI will look like this -

Note: It totally my personal modifications to my liking. I have removed irritating Kite notifications and search bar on top of it. Revert them back if you want.

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Thanks @unofficed, zerodha couldn’t come up with this. shame on them that they couldn’t even implement a simple feature, wonder how incompetent they are.