Got a mail about “new equity share of RE-1/- after sub division

Yesterday I received a mail from [email protected], in that mail it says traction in your demat account. And below it provides a table where it should shares of Bajaj Consumer Care which I’m currently holding of total 5 shares.


I search it on internets it’s regarding face value and share slipt.
Where I’ll get if 1:1 then I’ll get one extra share on which I’m currently holding per one share. Now I hold 5 shares so I’ll get 5 more. We’re it says credit.

Now internet says the new shares are automatically added into our demat account, but when will it adds?

Can anyone tell me this please.

Check the date of split happened. It has happened long back during 2011 i believe. So when you buy/sell a scrip which has undergone face value reduction, the CDSL transaction message will include those details (new face value of the stock) in their message. You wont be receiving any additional shares.

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Also in the table in mail there is yesterday’s date

Then why they send message? I’m new here so don’t know this quite well

You might have purchased the stock on 20th of April if am not wrong. When the shares are delivered to you on T+2 day, you will get an email from the CDSL confirming the same.

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@Mangesh_Parmar its will refelect in your demate account with in 15 days , see the ex date or wait for 15 to 20 days its will credit , nothing to worry

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Okay that’s cool.

Got it :+1:t2: