Gotta do somthing about OI restrictions!

i understand that sebi caped every broker at 15% OI. and due to high numbers of Customers you have zerodha is managing in 150(nifty) to 300(bnf) points to trade. in options
and after intraday leverage has gone its seems like all the trades now became positional and hedged(for marginal benefits of course ). due to that also, i understand more (options) contracts has been sold lately.
and due to high tolerance for “ZERODHA”(including me). we are ok with that also
but few points i have to tell you guys

1] zerodha have to do about it somthing…i dont know how but have some “bich ka rasta” types. have other registration with sebi as sub firm broker thing i don’t know…

2] because of range we have to sell ATM( talking hedge!!!) strikes which is very much uncomfortable for trader like

3] profits are not good enough to take risk. i mean bcoz of block i have to take 100 pints spread hedge even worst “50” points sometimes.

4] IV and VIX is at bottom. Seriously man sometimes i cried so loud by just looking at premium to collect.

5]have some mercy on retailers…

you guys manage to launch :rocket: TRUE BEACON GLOBAL, THE FIRST CATEGORY-3 AIF IN “G.I.F.T”
(Congratulations on that BDW❤️)
so do something about this OI block thing.

i know this is mostly out of your hands but there is always a way find that for us…

@nithin @ShubhS9

shubh i respect you man
but i wish nithin can bring some light on this matter this time…
Peace :v:

I think they have made themselves amply clear my friend :neutral_face: It’s really unfortunate, but It is upto the traders to do what’s good for them I suppose. I love Zerodha, everyone does: and that is why people stick to them despite severely constricting issues. But if its hurting livelihood, do what’s best for you.


I love Zerodha too.
And that is the only reason for this all gibber gabber i am doing.
Iunderstand that they are not able to do anything if even they want but i am just telling that find a better way
That’s it
And its not about lively hood or something
But you gotta admit thay its a bit problem and it’s annoying to many people

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I was trying to be more impactful I guess. What I meant was if its hurting financially, do what’s best for you. This problem is not new. They have tried with Orbis migration. Onus is on the trader now.

What I am trying to get at is, set expectations right. The truth will Free you :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you quoting Alice miller here

Exactly they have tried once ri8 !!!
with orbis migrations
It will not harm if they tried something else for 2nd time
May be something will popout…

I am not blaming or doin complain or anything
I just want them to look at this as a problem and find some solution if there is…

I agree. Many traders have posted exasperatedly. They have pled, they have vented, and then when nothing changed, they have gone on to hope. Is hope always a good thing?! :anguished:

I am on your side brother :slight_smile: Trust me.
(I guess my posts are a different form of request)

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