Goverment of india announced 20 lakh crores package

government of India announced 20 lakh crores package
“How they are gathering that much 20 lakh crores?”
“How it will affect our country credit rating?”
By the way does zerodha block MIS/CO on tomorrow and increase margins?(just kidding,with increase in volatility they do)

I think he mentioned its combined (earlier package +rbi +this one ) makes 20 lakh crore… Dont expect much from fm , lets see

May be.,
Fitch already us warned about rating.
There is rumour that GOI is thinking to list Bonds in foreign exchanges(God knows who will subscribe in this situation)

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They will work.
Tomorrow is not holiday to any exchange

You didnt get the joke! hehe

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announcing and actually delivering are two completely different things.

there were many “announcements” made in the last 6 yrs.


Yes, completely agree.

What could be the root causes for this difference?
Diversion? or Found better idea? or Interdependent systems’ complexity (i.e. circular dependency loop) to implement the ideas?

It’s a dangerous proposition especially since India does not have a secondary market for the lower rated bonds

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Root cause is our constitution. There is no accountability in our constitution.

The power that be want it this way.

Hence you can get away making any announcements that suit you.


Our constitution is considered as the longest written constitution of any country on earth. Still missing chapter on accountability? I’ve just started to read.

The issue is we have borrowed most of our constitution from other countries.

Our founding fathers did not write the constitution considering what india is about(i.e its culture/traditions/beliefs).

The issues are plenty. Even till today our constitution is not accepted by many many indians.

Comparing our constitution to Say USA, where the founding fathers kept things very simple and people there actually believe and follow what is written in their constitution.

A simple example is our police will beat our citizens for any reasons and get away with it , but in US the police simply cannot beat its citizen. The indian police gets their power from constitution.

Power are decentralized in US to the city mayor level, but india the power keep concentrating upwards. e.g licences raj.

These are just 2 simple examples comparing india and US. There are many more if we compare.

The reason for comparing india with US is because both were british colonies. But see where US is and where india is interms for freedom/rights/equility…etc.

To put it simply, the USA and other european constitutions give power to their citizens and in india its the opposite.

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One more thing related to constitution
A president in US or prime minister in INDIA Under there ruling terms there are powerfull persons in there respective countries
After there terms ends they loose position they loose power etc in US they move on after there terms ends example : Barack Obama who is working in jobs like normal citizen ,
But in india they don’t loose power even after there terms ends , They save enough money to last generations and they sit and spend the money without doing anything :joy:


From 2014 Indian GDP is 8 % in 2020 its now 0% , we are in a good hand, good administration


Mr. FEKU is BIGGEST failer in all aspects and we all are witness.


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Going by this thread I realised this is the only platform where feku supporters are missing

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It may be too EARLY to say may be some Secret fans will be there who try to FLAG this post.



Thread banned in 3…2…1…

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Please keep it civil and non-political. Otherwise sentiments will be hurt and leads to mudslinging, which means we’ll close the thread.

Why the sentiments are taken seriously one sided only ?? Why so much blindness for sideways market. I am a call lover and so do many.
:wink: Asking in curiousity only. 2… 1…