Govt mandates 6 Air bags in every vehicle (carrying upto 8 passengers.)

Imagining how much the cost of an entry level car will boom :sweat_smile: likes of Alto, wagon R, Santro, Swift, kwid, Tiago…etc(which are also one of the Top selling models) and do the New prices reach for many first time buyers.?

Are Air bags >>> Instead of luxury features like SunRoof, Air Pufiers, Ventilated Seats, NFC connection …!?

Hopefully govt also consider in mandating GLOBAL NCAP crash tests.!
Going forward, a mandatory of minimum NCAP rating should be on the cards to further improve the safety of the vehicles.

From a consumer point of view it looks very disappointing, but however from safety point of view it’s an amazing move .

The minimum 2 airbag rule was set to come into effect from 31st August 2021, but has now been differed from 31 December 2021.
Curious to know when this 6 airbags mandatory rule
will come into effect…


Usually, I am really wary of regulation that alters free-market pricing in any form, but in this one, I think it’s a very good move.

India is the Road Accident Capital of the world, we really do drive like mad people with no care for Human life.

An average of 450,000 accidents take place in India annually, in which 150,000 people die. That’s one Death every 4 minutes. Without even factoring in how many people get severely handicapped and experience a diminished quality of life after these accidents. Add those numbers over the years and COVID pales in comparison as to damage done to Life and property.

Airbags in every test ever done, have shown to bring down fatalities by atleast 50%. This number gets even better when paired with Seatbelts, taking the fatalities down to 64%.

What about the Bikers? Well, they are riding bikes for a reason anyway.

If Indians would not drive properly, it makes sense to come down hard on them with the regulatory hammer and save them from themselves. What use is technology if it is not doing what it was invented for?


I am not sure about other consumers but safety is my utmost priority while travelling. Would you fly with an airlines which has low safety standards? Then why the double standard with road based travel?

The 1.5 lakh deaths are mostly due to bike and car accidents. That’s a huge loss to 1.5 lakh families and to the nation every year. I am pretty sure India ranks number one in road accidents while the developed nations have road accidents under control for a very long time. Countries such as Switzerland are aiming for zero fatalities while we are still ignorant towards safety.

I would even go as far to blame Maruti Suzuki and RC Bhargava for the deaths. As India’s largest car marker, marutis cars are most involved in car crashes. If only they had better attitude towards the consumers, we would save more people every year.

This decision is little too late but welcome nonetheless. We need to take lot more steps in improving the road safety conditions in India.


One of the most beautiful and of course relevant ads on this topic I have ever seen.

But also Ford had to later close down its India operations so I’m not sure the argument being made is watertight.

Cool ad nonetheless :slight_smile:

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That’s actually good move. Indian auto manf dont give 2 hoots about safety unless it is mandated by law.
Airbags were commercially used in 1970’s and it took 40 years for them to be introduced in India ( that too as optional with premium pricing) . No doubt the entry level car prices will rise, but overall it will reduce burden due to unnecessary loss of lives.

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Reminds me of an incident with my friend at a car-showroom, when he was shopping for his first car.

When my friend asked the salesman for the airbags add-on,
the car salesman was trying to persuade my friend to skip airbags by saying -

“Why do you want to pay so much for a premium feature sir?
That too it is for one-time use only.
As you will have to replace an airbag once it activates, and you wouldn’t use it daily anyways.”

My friend insisted and got the airbags.
Till today, am not sure whether the salesman was serious or joking. :rofl: