Grandfathering LTCG for equity MF

I sold some shares on kite and MF’s on Coin… In the Tax P&L report I see grandfathering is correctly done for equity shares but it is not available for Mutual funds.

Is there a plan to add the grandfathering calculation to mutual funds also? It shouldnt be very complex but will save a lot of work calculating LTCG for MF sale transactions

We’re working on this. It’ll be added for MF as well where ever applicable.

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Looks like this was implemented but not correctly. Grandfathering is working fine for some funds, but not for others. Example record from the trade wise P&L attached. For the Arbitrage fund in the snapshot, the FMV is market as zero, even though it should be the NAV as on 31 Jan 2018.

I had created a ticket on 15th March, but its been ignored.


@Nakul , Were you able to look into this?

My support ticket was closed (After 2 months!) stating that Edelweiss Arbitrage is taxed as a debt fund and hence grandfathering is not applicable. I shared the varisty article link on the support ticket as well, but please correct your support SOP’s

Ticket number: 20200315138222

This report has been incorrect for 4 months now, with a meaningless response to the support ticket. Is there any escalation path for Zerodha support?