Greek Crisis

Few years back stock market corrected for Greek Financial Crisis . Now Greek country overcame from Financial Crisis ??

Hello Trader,

The Greek Crisis is an old forgotten story and the markets have seen new highs since then.

Saying that, If you are looking around for something new to worry about, research BREXIT.

Hello Trader,

Greece has been forgotten now but it may come back again by this July when IMF and Euro leaders are going to ask for Greece to pay back the loan whereas Greece is planning to ask for more loan. Will tell you one thing Greece situation will not implode but Brexit is the one which you should look out now.

Next week by this time United Kingdom will be voting to stay or not in the Euro. If the vote is to leave Euro then expect some big fire cracker in the world markets. So research and prepare for Brexit now. Who knows Grexit may to come soon.

So watch out for next week June 23 2016.