Greeks Get updated at 9:07 for BankNifty Options?

Hi All. do the greeks of BankNifty options get updated as soon as the premarket opens, that is at 9:07 AM? or should we wait till 9:15 to get the actual values displayed in sensibull app.


hi. Yes i do know we have to look at sensibull for greeks. what i am asking is can we rely on the greeks shown in sensibull when the premarket opens at 9:07 or should we wait till 9:15 to view the greeks and then to initiate our trades.

Futures Instruments starts trading only at 9.15 AM, the greeks on Sensibull Option Chain are calculated based on this instrument.

So you will have to wait till after 9.15 for today’s greek values.

Thanks Morpheus

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