Gsec bonds to invest

Dear Nitin,
Is there any plans with zerodha to provide us platform where we can see available GSEC bonds and then invest.
Your last email notification is not very clear. I want to park and also invest in them.
Sunil Reddy

Hey @Surenderreddy,

You can view current G-sec issues on

Bids for T-Bills are collected from Monday & Tuesday and for Bonds from Tuesday to Thursday.

The way this works for investors is a little different. The RBI auctions T-bills and Bonds each week. The exchanges open a non-competitive bidding window to collect orders and these bonds will be allotted based on the price discovered in the auction.

The securities which will be available for auction are only disclosed at the end of each week. Since these securities aren’t listed on the exchanges yet, there is so single place for you view all of them.

Each week, you can check the securities available for bidding here: