GTT for Stock Options introduced and removed?

Hi @siva/ Team,

Till last month the GTT option for Stock Options was available now its removed. Its available for Indices only.

Kindly add this feature for stock options as well. Also Kindly consider the option of adding a custom expiry date as well as a feature request.

eg. say if ‘expire on’ option is not selected then it will be till triggered or will expire on the expiry of the contract series. if this option is selected then lets say The order is only valid till next 4 days, so we should be able to add a custom expiry date.

GTT is a boon for traders who trade when make trading decisions in off market hours. AMOs doesn’t quite serve the purpuse.
Kindly consider the same

But please give anything in which we put stoploss and take profit in a one time in option currencies.

And tell me any way in which I put stoploss and take profit in a one time in F&O currencies, just like when we buy stock in which both options are available.
I know one thing that margin use in writer or seller is a challenge but please it is a need.
Thank you

You can’t do both, but you can use Stop-Loss orders, you can learn more here

It was never there for stocks. Anyhow soon will give for stocks.

You mean stock options? It was there for Stocks Options have used it as well. Below is an email confirmation of one such triggered stock options gtt. This was kind of a hidden feature. It didn’t came when you click on the three dots of the instrument in watchlist, but if you go to orders | GTT | in search instrument you put the stock options then you got the Create GTT option. Now the option is no longer there.

That was bug, fixed it but anyhow next week will release it.

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