GTT is a cool feature in Zerodha, but why limited to 50?

Currently, I can place only 50 GTTs at a time. Would it be possible to increase this? As far as I understand, this is just a functional constrain implemented at broker’s platform and not with any exchanges or regulations.

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Wondering why one need more than 50 active at a time?


Can’t tell specifically why 50 GTT is maximum but since GTT is Zerodha centric feature and Zerodha needs to take care of triggering those orders once conditions are met, it’s a good amount of load on the system.

Considering, Zerodha has 3M+ Clients, and even if 100,000 clients put 10 GTT orders each, it adds up to 1 Million order. Keeping track of conditions of those 1M orders in real-time is a challenge.

So IMHO, 50 GTT should be enough for a normal person. If you feel you need more, you can use Kite Connect API to build your own in-house GTT like system.

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Pull data for your stock using Kite Connect WebSocket streaming, if the price hits your desired price, place BUY order using Kite Connect API. Once price hits your target, place SELL order using Kite Connect API.

You can do it in your favourite programming language.

@siva recently I am more into swing trades. I have a day job and not in a position to monitor the markets during trade hours. So these days I use GTT a lot (and that’s helping). As I write this, I have around 39 active GTTs waiting to be triggered. I had days when my GTT limit was hit and had to spend time to manually place repeated AMO orders every day. Just thought of checking with you if the platform could help me on this.

By the way, I talk in length about the GTT feature to my upstox friends a lot. Its an incredible feature your platform offers. Thanks a lot!

Will check on this.

Hi, It’s Great to know that we can create an in-house GTT platform for swing trading. Is it possible to share the in-house GTT platform developed on Zerodha kite API? Please call me on +91 9916155255 once. Thanks.

In my other topic, you mentioned that maybe you guys plan to bring GTT in MCX also as cover orders are no longer working now.
so when can we see this done? any timeline?

Will update, no timeline though.

Hi, what is MCX?

Multi Commodity exchange of India. Please go through the links below to understand better.

till the time gtt is not available for mcx can zerodha keep COVER ORDER activated in MCX?

please reply, is that possible?

Not possible.

any update on the gtt order type for mcx?

Please reply