GTT Oco order help

Hey all

Just wanted help on how to input in the profit section in an oco order.

If i want to book profit at 858 so does the entry price and price have to be the same or it has to be entry price 858 and price 857 some difference like that.

As when i tried inputting with the same numbers for entry price and price the order did not execute even though the stock had gone past the profit target.

There is a trigger price and the target price. Keep the target price lower than trigger price.

858 is your target price, so keep trigger price at 859, and when the CMP hits 859, your sell order will get executed at 858.

You can do this for both stop loss and target price. Say you bought at 800, TP is 858, SL is 750, put the trigger price for selling at 751, so when 751 gets hit, sell order will get executed at 750.

And as this is OCO, only one of the above will get executed.

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So what would happen if both the trigger and target price is the same i.e for target 858 and trigger 858…Order will not execute?

It will execute I think, but I don’t remember doing it. I always place trigger price higher than target price.