GTT order buy and sell in same day

Hi all,8
If I create GTT order to buy infosys at 850 and sell at 860.
If both executed on same day buy GTT first and sell GTT second then how settlement process will work.

This will be Intraday trade, your Buy position will be squared-off when the Sell order is executed.

Yes right , my intention is not to buy and sell on same.
But if my buy order get triggered first and sell order triggered after buy order then how settlement will happen.
As order type is CNC.
and In case of CNC order settlement is happening on T+2 day.

Even if the order type is CNC, as you are buying and selling on same day it will be considered as Intraday trade. No shares will be delivered to you or debited from your account.

Though, if you have made profits, this you will be able to use only after settlement on T+2 days.

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