Gtt order fno zerodha

@nithin please introduce GTT order in options. waiting eagerly since launching of GTT in Zerodha.


F&O is slightly tricky, there are a lot of stray ticks (when contracts are not as liquid) that can trigger your GTT. We have it ready, but the worry is clients will come back blaming us if stray ticks fired the GTT.

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So, should we give up hope for this feature ? Those dabbling in derivatives but aren’t always online to monitor their positions would find GTT for F&O immensely useful.

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Yes @nithin please please enable GTT in fno particularly option.

Waiting eagerly since launching of GTT…

hmm… maybe we could enable selectively to those who are okay with the risks I have mentioned. @siva let us talk about it on monday.


Thanks @nithin… With T&C it can be made available.

@nithin @siva pls update on GTT in options

Wait, give us sometime to come to one conclusion.

@nithin… Pls had you talk with siva on GTT matter

Please wait for sometime, even if we decided to offer, this will take few days.

@nithin… Not getting any update on gtt

Give us few more days.

OK. OK. Okkkkkkkkkk

Is there any update on this ? gtt for f&O ?

Doing internal testing,few more days it can take.

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