Gtt order post market

dear sir
i would like to thank u for answering all my queries.
now i came up with new one.

i want to know whether i can place gtt order for exiting my position post market?

for example i have taken a call/put say at 300 premium at current spot price ATM in bank nifty.
and after market closed if i want to place GTT can i place (one cancel other , using stop loss at 280 and target at 330)??

or if have created a gtt during market hours and my sl is not hit ( i know gtt are valid for long time) and next day morning there is huge gap up/ gap down and the premium goes to 200 directly from 300. will my sl gets triggered? or i have to modify gtt??

and for the gtt should i be logged into my account or it will execute even if im not online( sometimes i place orders from work)

plz elaborate on the same. thanks a ton…

GTT not good for hugh gapup or gap down stock or index as sl or target will not be trigger… And you cant convert normal position to gtt position but you place gtt then you can edit sl and target . You have to bear hugh loss if price jumped trigger price.

Yes, you can place GTT orders anytime.

Once your GTT order is triggered a limit order is placed, this will execute at the price specified or a better price. If the price moves beyond the limit price specified, the order will remain pending. You can check how the limit orders work here.

For better execution, you can keep some difference between the trigger and limit price. So once the GTT is triggered, the limit order will execute at the best available price in the market. More on this here.

GTT will be triggered even if you’re not logged into your account. As explained above, execution will depend on where the CMP is compared to limit price specified.