GTT TPIN authorisation issue

I placed a single sell gtt order which got rejected due to not authorising it.

With the new rule of tpin being valid for only a single day… how do we go ahead sell gtt orders?
It becomes difficult for small traders, who are not constantly active to check kite as soon as a gtt trigger notification is received.

Is there any other way to sort this?

Daily I place GT sell order of existing inventory of BankBees/Niftybees at a opening higher price than expected (Non POA client needing Tpin+Otp for all cnc sell orders every day)
Same way I place GTT buy orders of these 2 below expected open.( simply because AMO is not allowed for ETF’s)
In Zerodha if you authorise any one CNC sell with tpin+otp , then all dmat stocks are authorised for the day.
I start the order placing process DAILY during AMO (8.01am to 8.50am) when the market is not yet open.
I have always some other normal BTST stocks to sell which can be done as AMO CNC sell !
I place any one normal CNC sell AMO order , CDSL pop up , tpin + otp , voila all demat stocks are authorised for the day !
Then only I place GTT sell order . since it has been authorised via blanket authorisation, no need of tpin+otp for GTT sell order.
Since the GTT order intention is to get the opening low/high (IF LUCKY ) , I cancel all untraded GTT by 9.17am daily . { MIS for fresh buy & normal CNC limit or market sell for existing inventory}
GTT sell have to be placed every day. there is no other way.

What is the purpose of GTT then if they have to placed daily?
Better I use AMO and CNC.
This way, GTT becomes of no use.
And I personally liked the GTT feature as I didn’t have to keep a track of share prices daily.