How do we use the GTT sell feature with TPIN and OTP system?
I had placed two Sell OCO GTT orders and none of them got executed. When triggered it said quantity needs authorisation.

Can anybody help as to what to do so that the GTT orders can still be used?

Hi Anmol,

You have to pre-authorise your sale transaction. You can authorise the sale of your stocks by clicking on “Authorisation” on the holdings page on Kite at any point of time during the day.

More details can be found here.

You must log in and authorize CDSL TPIN daily if you want the sell transaction to process.

If you find that time-consuming, you can give POA to Zerodha. Link - What is power of attorney (PoA) and why is it needed?

How any time of the day?
If i want to sell in today’s market session, how can I authorisate after 3:30 pm today?

Because if I don’t pre-authorise, kite is not allowing me to sell.

So that makes GTT orders not useful right?
(provided I do mot give the POA)

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The CDSL TPIN authorisations are valid for only 1 day.

From 8:00 AM, all authorisations will be recorded for the same day’s trades till 5:00 PM.

If you want to skip placing CDSL TPIN authorisation requests every time you place long-standing orders like GTT , you can send a POA .


True. If you do not do the POA, then you have to wake up every day and put in the CDSL TPIN in the morning.


Correct, without POA GTT is of no use (unless you give authorisation on that day)

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Just for some clarity.

GTT for sell is of no use without authorisation or POA.
GTT for buy will still work.