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Hi! I am fairly new to share market. I tried looking up videos on youtube to learn about trading and investing. But since it is not systematic, I am unable to learn properly. Could someone be kind enough to guide me as to how I could go about learning about trading and investment? I am currently trying to learn about swing trading mainly and also keen on learning about other types of trading and investment. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

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You can learn in a structured way, academic way, learn a few topics which are in Varsity given in the above link, or with any other such structured programs.

Or you can learn in any which way you can, from different sources, with no particular order, with no particular method, get introduced to thousands of points, basic and advanced, which will take a form and shape with time.

You can also learn both ways at the same time.

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I tried the latter, wherein I tried to learn in no particular order and I seemed to be heading nowhere :frowning: I had already downloaded Varsity. I will try to learn from it.

With the latter, it will take a lot of time for the learning to get sorted into a particular order, just like watching a wall being built, without any knowing anything, but seeing the wall built everyday for days, and slowly you get to put the many pieces together.

With the former, the advantage is that you get to learn many things in sequence, like putting brick by brick, but at times a few things could be pure academic, not necessary to know even, so this type of learning could be overwhelming and boring.

Whatever you choose, remember that it will take time, and if you are at it, you will certainly learn.

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Thank you for your suggestions. Guess I will do a bit of both and see where it goes.

You can also pick the topic that interests you and start learning about it, and while you do this, you may have to learn about some basic things, but only those basic things that are connected to the topic you are learning, and not all basic things.

For example, someone who does not know the interest of a savings bank account starts investing in stocks. Does he have to know about the interest to invest in stocks, no. Does knowing about the interest help, it does, as it helps to get a perspective.

So there are number of ways you can and learn through.


Thank you. That makes sense. Would you recommend any sources other than Varsity?

Unfortunately no. I never had an objective or a goal, so I started knowing things from many different sources, anything and everything that seemed interesting or I thought worth reading. I was a complete newbie then, so I guess this way of learning suited me. And everything I read pertained to finance, so it all helped me to get a perspective.

Things are different now however, I am choosy now, I don’t read everything that I come across, I am selective now, I am more inclined towards knowing something that helps with the task in hand, with the objective in hand. To give an example, I do short term trading, with small capital, when I choose a stock to invest, I don’t even know what it does, sometimes I don’t even know its name, because I am not investing in it, I am just trading that too for a few weeks until the target or stop loss is hit, so I think knowing about a stock in which I am going to stay for only a few weeks is both a waste of time and mental bandwidth.

On the other hand, for the stocks I invest, I read both their updates and other things in general, as this is for long term, very long term even, so here I try to gain knowledge and wisdom, as to how to build a portfolio, how to be nimble, how to and how not to react, what is what etc.

Like I said, all of this takes time, even writing all of this took time.

So choose whichever way suits you, and be at it, you will learn.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain me. It is very much appreciated :slight_smile: Since there are a lot of sources, like books, youtube videos (genuine and not so genuine ones), paid classes etc, I am confused as to which one to choose. That is why I asked if there are any other good sources that you could recommend since you are pretty experienced in this field.

Yes there are many sources, both from Indian and foreign. Knowledge is knowledge, it cannot be manipulated, only the claims are fake. Unless you have gained some knowledge and experience you cannot separate between genuine promises and fake claims.

So pick a topic, whichever it is, how advanced or basic it is, and try to learn about it for some time, and if you think you have gained some knowledge, you can even try to apply that knowledge, but with small capital, then you will know how much of what you have learnt is what.

So pick a topic, either google it for articles, or go to Youtube for videos, start learning, and see how it goes.


First complete varsity 6 modules.

Then for investing:
focus on FA.

For positional, swing, intraday and scalping -

Decide what you want to learn first. I preferred swing, intraday.
Then decide what flavour of trading you want – TA, PA, HP, EW, etc etc

Start learning

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With just one click, you have access to an abundance of information that can be used to further develop your skills and knowledge. Not a thing to stress over, really. Find some good resources, and put in the time and effort to learn.

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Grab any one book from the list below and start improving your knowledge:

  1. A Beginners Guide to the Stock Market by Matthew R. Kratter
  2. Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh
  3. The Money Manual by Tonya B. Rapley
  4. One Up on Wallstreet by Peter Lynch
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As you mentioned that you are a beginner. It can be challenging to find a right path. All you need is a mentor. I’m not promoting any one here, but there are few gems on YouTube you can follow:

  1. VP Financial (Watch first 100 videos). To know his style. (Advance price Action)
  2. VRD Nation (A wise trader). If you’re are beginner you must follow him.
  3. Ayush Thakur. (Watch All the videos from Jan 22). Advance price Action.

Choose one of the above. And follow them for atleast 2 months. And decide for yourself, to whom you need to follow.

These 3 traders shaped my trading journey. Hope they can do the same for you.

Pro Tip: Give Atleast 2 hours for chart reading daily. (Nifty or banknifty). Intraday: start with 5 min chat.
Swing: 15 min and above.


@GB26 Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into it :slight_smile:
@maddy_Des Thank you for your input. Could you please tell me what TA, PA, HP and EW are? I guess PA is price action and the rest I’m not sure.
@Vaishnavisaini Thank you for your reply. The abundance of resources is what is confusing me as to which way to choose. Hopefully with all your suggestions I will be able to find the right path.
@MandeepMakhija Thank you! I will check them out.
@Zodiac I already follow VRD Nation. He is very genuine. Although we can learn about many aspects regarding trading from his channel, to gain any actual knowledge about how to trade we have to enroll in his class I guess. Because I haven’t seen him teach about actual trading in his youtube channel. I will check out the other 2 channels. I hope they are in English. I don’t know Hindi. Thank you for your suggestions. I will try to read the charts daily and make a meaningful interpretation out of it!

One other trivial aspect I can tell is, pure theory, but I guess there is some merit to it.

What is your profession? You can start basing on your profession too I guess.

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Technical Analysis, Price Action. Harmonic Patterns, Elliot Waves etc.

@GB26 I am a doctor. I have heard from a person that it will be easy for me to start with analyzing pharmaceutical companies. Is that what you are suggesting sir/madam?
@maddy_Des Thank you. I will look into them! :slight_smile:


That is wonderful.

Then I am certain that stock market expertise will be nothing compared to your profession. It may seem confusing and overwhelming, but it is in no way complicated and astonishing than human body. You just have to look at it from the right perspective, rest all will follow automatically.

I am a male, and definitely not a sir to you.