Happy to share my portfolio performance

Hi everyone, I made a portfolio on 17th July 2017 and I am very happy inform here that my performance is beyond my expectation. I have shared my portfolio on shareboss.in site and you can see how much that portfolio has performed in just 5 months. Here is the link of the portfolio:- http://shareboss.in/sabyasachi/portfolios/Huge-Multibagger-Potential

Disclaimer: I have invested in all those stocks and not a recommendation to invest in those stocks.

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Do I require to create an account on shareboss to view your portfolio?

then why to share?


Nevermind :slight_smile:

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Are you not able to see?? I think you have not to create any account to see any portfolio, only required when you create a new for yourself. Ok I didn’t see your last reply, never mind :wink:

Because it is mandatory statutory warning and also it is now lost opportunity so investing in those stocks may not give you expected return.