Has anyone noticed "Trade from chart option" today on chartIQ

At the extreme right there is new option. 2 arrows blue and red. Thanks zerodha. You always rocks. @nithin Thanks to u and ur team

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@nithin Bhai 1 last request please allow " Trade from chart" from tradingview chart also please.

Somehow i find TV more useful. specially because of pattern i can draw

@nithin @siva finally you come a new product is trade from chart , thanks at allllllll :pray:

See the web look , the Dark grey mood in chart is awesome , the same you can implement to overall kite ,then finishing will be awesome , if you build option chain inbuild then the kite web will become think or swim platform , please consider my long years request
anyway thanks

I merged from Tradingview to IQ chart :grin:

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Hey which indicator you used that shows the names of the candle in that chart?

Hi Tapovan, can you please elaborate what do you mean by “pattern I can draw” ?

@siva can we see the pending sl orders on charts ? If yes, can we move them on charts ?

When will these features be re-introduced ? 4 days since rolled back @siva @nithin

@incognito nitin already explained in diffrent thread


when you will come back trading from chart features in chart iq

needed feature in trading from chart iq

when the buy/sell order triggered in chart the P/L want to show on the chart itself , you are working on this can you please confirm , for better understanding tradigview chart trading is best example

By next weekend.

Hmm… showing P&L on the chart will take time.

i don’t think its coming. Today is the weekend you were talking about. @siva

Will take another week more.