Has this happened with you in intraday?

Has any of these happened with you in intraday?

  • When you buy, the price you buy at becomes High of the day. Similarly, when you short, that price becomes Low of the day
  • When you take a loss and exit, immediately the share starts going in the direction you were waiting for that to go in, and puts oil on fire

Hi @PrashDn
Welcome to insane Trading ,YES this happens with every Crazy Trader.
Now it is time you learn more and explore more.
HAPPY TRADING. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the Retail World of Day Trading !
You are undergoing Market 101 course which everyone including Jesse livermore to Jhunjhunwala had undergone.


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This happens to every new trader who ventures in to the market for the first time.One could avoid this by following the precaution to some extent:
A) not trading stocks based on news and brokerage tips.
B) never chase the price.
C) follow some technical analysis before coming to conclusion.
D) lastly market factors good / bad news well in advance.So one should not enter trades after events or results.