HDFC Bank goes ex-split in the ratio 2:1 on September 19, 2019. Here’s how it impacts your equity holdings and F&O positions

Are we not eligible for split if hdfcbank shares were pledged for margin? Please reply.

I was having Hdfc bank 3 quantities before split but it’s still showing 3 quantities but invested amount is reduced. Please help

When you pledge shares, the shares will be lying in Zerodha’s pool Demat account. So, Shares from Splits will be credited to our pool account, which we will transfer to your trading account.

You can find the same on this Link

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The split quantities will show up on the trading platform from tomorrow. You can sell these today.

I had 2 quantity of hdfc bank stocks after split 4 had to be received / credited but only 2 has been credited what about other 2 quantity when it will be delivered. Pls help

I bought hdfcbank on 2.9.19 and sold on 19.9.19
At split price

What will happen to my split quantity its still not credited in my account.

Hi zerodha
My shares split into half and sell the total quantity
When I will get my remaining half quantity and at what price

The face value of the stock changed from Rs.2 to Re.1. If you had 2 shares, you would get 2 more shares and total quantity in demat would be 4.

You’ll be able to see them in your holdings from tomorrow.

The shares are already credited to your demat. You will be able to view and/or sell them from tomorrow.
Price = (Original buy price)/2 since the Face value changed from Rs.2 to Re.1