Hedging strategy?

all about hedging strategies .

from the ones used by institutional investors , to the ones used by retail investors .

for all segments from NFO , CDS, MCX .

What’s your question btw?

Who on earth is going to come and reveal money making strategies here? If it was so simple, everyone would be minting money. I’d request you to use common sense before posting random questions. Apologies for being rude.

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the question clearly mention’s “HEDGING STRATEGIES” not “MONEY MAKING STRATEGIES” .
HEDGING MEANS PROTECTING THE DOWNSIDE it has no concern with upside .
example :- banks give hedge option for foreign currency to export-import companies etc .
means if i hedge at 1 USD = 64 … if dollar goes up 64.25 , i get paid the new upward price 64.25
but if dollar goes down to 63.5 , i still get my 64 as per hedge contract .
thank you :slight_smile:

please refrain from vulgar language .