Heikin ashi chart really time price problem

Heikin Ashi charts have a different real-time price compared to the actual price.I m using mobile platform. Is there any way so that I can show real time price

This has been answered here:

haikin ashi candle are called modified candle, becouse they work on avg price

Dear Ajay,
Heikin ashi candles are average bars (O+ H+L+C /4) and will differ from normal candles.This said rightly by previous speakers.To trade with heikin ashi you can consider high and low , when bullish / bearish candle formed , then note the high and low , accordingly combine with other indicators and place order just few paise above or below the high / low depending upon the signal generated.


Do you trade with Heikin Ashi. If you do please tell me how to use it in real time. Bcz prices are confusing a bit bcz both Tha chart shows different real time price.

I do use heikin ashi candles while trading.but would be difficult to discuss in detail on this forum.
If you are interested ,Pl call me at my mob 9840946959.After mkt hours when I am free.


Hey Subhu, is your offer still open?

Yes but only to people who really want to learn.i am saying this because as i had received calls in the past who just ask casually and never turn back to give feedback.

I use ‘heikin ashi’ chart only as a confirmation of the trend.

Their is only one thing can do .
Change to normal candles stick pattern…

Heikinashi means avarage… It will show you avarage close of the candles.

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