Hello Expert : I am new in stock market, what Mistake i Avoid And suggest good Idea

In your experience in trading Suggest me some Good Idea for i never do Any kind of Mistake

And tell me some Good Platform where i learn About Share market

Please go through the below article:

hello trader,

  1. The first one year is a fight against time and emotions and not for profits. So wade time with as little fuel you can afford to loose.

  2. Avoid loosing all your capital in the first two years of your entry. You will need this capital after you have learned how to trade the markets. This takes at least 2 years of experience trading the markets.

  3. A 10k market analysis software is not going to do you any good, unless you know what you want to do with it, this comes with experience, so avoid buying all this technology in the very first year of your entry.

  4. Be part of an active free trading chat room , like the “Indian Markets Chat room” on trading view platform. This helps you observe and learn what your fellow traders are upto.

  5. The rest you will learn from trial and error.


Never look for tips or advisory services. Learn the basics of fundamental/technical analysis and apply them in the markets.

Paper trade extensively before betting huge sums.

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I am no expert, but can share some experience.

  1. Always go with the TREND.

  2. Work with Stop Loss, Ride your winning trades.

​3. There is no EASY money in stock market.

  1. BUY fear, SELL greed.

  2. Work with proper RISK Management.

  3. Start SMALL.

  4. Get Education

Hope this helps.


First to understand and realize (after few losses) is that NOTHING works in trading, No fixed rules, No fundamentals, No charts, No…Nothing. Because trading is about our Mind which is a monkey.

It is only this … Intuition, Mindset, and Risk management (how to protect your ass… not dreaming about profits).

The most valuable thing in trading is not profit but stinging losses every now and then…and the lessons (that shapes mindset and intituion) learned from such losses.

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Fantastic analysis. Thanks for Sharing.

Please clear the point buy fear sell greed