Hello, whats the process for a novice in coding to begin with, is any prior knowledge is required?

things in last five or six years have changed so rapidly since introduction of algo trading, there is a feeling of left out. whats the requisite for learning coding, is it worth the time.

I agree. Nice and positive attitude.

If you use algo trading using Tradescript, you do not need any special qualifications. A class 10 kid could learn Tradescript and create Expert Advisors. Just download the manual,study it and start coding. You can get many custom codes for Expert Advisors at the Zerodha site. Just remember, don’t lose heart if you get coding errors. Keep trying and you will improve.

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As long as i know normal coding can be done just copy paste the script from pdf manual.

say for example to generate buy code when rsi is below 20 just search rsi in pdf therr you will find the code written just copy that code in buy section… similar for sell section

if there is one more condition say close should be above 10 sma just search sma in pdf and copy the code and paste it in buy section after rsi and add " and " in btween