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My mother has put me snd my wife as joint share holders with her. Unfortunatrly the nanes including hers need to be corrected . Does this amount yo transmission.
We dont want to take that route as rhis means we have to then demat the shares which gets more omplicated as me and my wife sre NRIs and cannot have a common demat accountveith my.mother . SEBI or someone please help.
Can she goftbit yo me and delete her name from them?

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Now I understood why your names needs to be corrected .


If you want to correct your name i.e DP ID you can do this via zerodha support. Just raise a ticket. that’s what I did. When you sign up with zerodha they put PAN IT database name as DP ID.

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Hi @Joakenb

The share held in a physical mode that is in certificate form, can’t be transferred or any addition or deletion(except in the unfortunate case of the holder’s demise) is not possible.

Name correction can however be done.

In this case, the investor needs to reach out to the company RTA and they will assist further.

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