Help in filing tax return

I have started my career in my stock market one month ago And i am a student. And i do only intraday trading. And my investment capital is ₹5000… should i file tax return (i don’t come under any income slab)?. I got to know that if i file tax before 31july i can carry forward the loss and also exempt of brokerage charge in future …

Once you stepped in to stock market, all the transactions should be filed, irrespective of investment. Brokerage houses nowadays provide ready Tax pnl by year end, which will help you to file your taxes.
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normal , income tax return filing , last due date is extended to 31 dec 2021 , from 30 sep 2021 ?

is it true ?

yes, it is now 31st dec 21.

with tax audit last date to file ITR-3 is 15rg jan 2022 ?

yup, its 31 Dec 2021.

Due date for filing TAR is 15th jan 2022 and last date to file its ITR is 15th Feb 2022.

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Hey @cailajindal, you can find the details of the due date extension from here: