Help in order type selection

Hello everyone. I need your help in deciding the best order type. Suppose I want to enter a stock when it goes above 100, and then exit at 102, with a stop loss at 98. In this case generally what I do is - Put a SL-M buy order at 100 and then once it gets executed, I put two new orders, one is for Limit target and another for SL-M, for stop loss. Now I checked bracket order type, but it only has LIMIT order for entry and not SL-M for entry. So friends, let me know, if there is any easier method of doing this or is there a turn around.

Zerodha is going to add sl-m order type in bracket order soon. @Bhuvan sir can clarify.

That is great @umabathy. any tentative timeline, by when it will be introduced?