Help in Strategy

I am trying to create a strategy based on below rules however unable to do so and not even sure if it is possible to create the below strategy -

  1. Enter the trade in 1 min time frame once RSI crosses above 40 and the 1 min current candle is closed with RSI more than 40
  2. Exit the trade as soon as RSI reaches to 60 or once the price goes below the low of entry candle

It would be great help if someone can guide me on this

Tagging @Streak so they can assist you with it.

hello @Mahesh4

Refer to the link below for the requested strategy:

Note that Streak uses OHLC data to check your entry-exit conditions. Since the OHLC data is only available after the close of the candle, your alerts will be generated after the close of the candle matching your conditions (i.e. at the opening of the next candle).

Also, we have created the exit condition using the Trade Candle function. Signal Candle is the candle on the basis of which your Entry order got triggered. Trade Candle is the candle on which you entered the trade after your condition is met and Entry order got triggered. So, the Trade candle is simply the next candle following the Signal Candle.

You can learn more about Signal/Trade Candle using the link below: