Help me create this streak strategy

Can we create a volume based trading strategy when volume is decreasing and price of option is increasing then we gonna sell that option this strategy will be exicuted on selected option as streak needs underlying so we will create this strategy directly on option chart or
if the price of volume is decreasing and volume is increasing then we wil go long
and third strategy is when their is sudden decrease in option price by 25% we want to go long on that option

Kindly note these three strategies are different and i wanted it to be created seperatelty
Dear streak team its my kind request to help me create the strategy
Thank You @Streak

Hi @Priyanka_Shah1

I have created a strategy where the conditions will be checked on the ATM CE and PE contracts and the entry conditions are to enter when the SMA20 is rising (condition used to show that the price is rising) and the Moving Average of Volume is falling (condition used to show that the volume is falling) in the last 5 candles. Click on the below link to view the strategy conditions as an example.

You can refer to the following link to learn how to create similar strategies in Streak - Trading with Volume and Open Interest (Hindi) - YouTube

For this requirement, you can use the “Down by” comparator and create conditions. For example, in the below image, I have mentioned a condition to enter when the current candle close is down by(lower than) 25% from the previous candle’s close (showing a sudden fall).

Hope this helps.