Help me creating a strategy

Need help in creating a strategy on streak

i want to create a strategy on streak when super-trend gives signal and the low of the signal candle got broken then i want to enter please help me
Please help me

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@Streak can you.

Hi @Taniyasingh

You can create this stratgey in case the difference between the trigger candle and the signal candle is known.

For example, if you want to create a condition for when the next candle crosses below the low of the candle on which supertrend gave a Sell signal, this can be easily created by writing

Close(0) lower than Low(-1) and Close(-1) cross below SuperTrend(7, 3, -1)

If it is for the next to next candle

Close(0) lower than Low(-2) and Close(-2) cross below SuperTrend(7, 3, -2)

and so on…

However, note if breakout candle is unknown, this cannot created as the function required for this has not yet been released. It is in our roadmap and would be released in the future.

Dear sir thank you please tell me what to write for buy like if i want to buy for the same condition as this is for sell i want the same for buy **please help **

Dear sir

please look at this image is this the correct way to do so

thanks for this wonderful support

Yes, this is correct!