Help me to create MTF strategy.

Please create this strategy:
Buy : ATM CE
5 min : close higher than 9EMA
5 min : RSI higher than RSIMA
1hour: close higher than supertrend

Stoploss: 20%

5 min: RSI lower than RSIMA
1hour: close lower than supertrend

Hi @Rasack_tk

I have created a strategy as per my understanding of your requirement. Click on the below link to view the strategy conditions.

I have used the Multi timeframe function to check your 1-hour timeframe requirement. It should be noted that when you use MTF, the triggers can be generated on partial higher timeframe candles and the results can be unverifiable on the charts. Thus, kindly go through the disclaimer first before testing your strategy in paper/deployment.

Also, I have used default parameters for the indicators. You can copy the strategy in your account and make changes as per your requirement.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. The given link, I can only see the backtest result, and I am unable to copy or edit that strategy. Clicking the edit/copy button prompts me to log in to After logging in, my streak dashboard opens, and I can’t find the link/strategy.I also searched in my strategy section, but I couldn’t find it. How can I obtain that?. So could you please provide a screenshot or an accessible link to the given strategy?

You can use this link and it should work fine - Streak | Create, backtest and deploy trading strategies

In case you are still not able to copy it. Refer to the below image for your conditions.

Thank you :pray: