Help me to evaluate pi backtest results

Hello friends i have backtested 3-15 Crossover in ALANKIT with periodicity minutes & bar 01 for 60 days..  can somebody help me to evaluate the above results.. i mean what are the most important things  to consider  in result like  % profit/sharpe/calmar/risk to reward ratio etc with ideal ranges(which you consider personaly)..thanx in advance

I like to check:

Number of trades per month: 1220 which is way too high. Even though your strategy gives net profit of 1109 points in 2 months which looks too good, but after including the brokerage , STT charges of the 2406 trades you will most likely be in loss (and might be heavy loss as well)

Net profit: 1222.9 - 113.1= 1109.8

Percent Profit: Good to be above 45-50%

Maximum Drawdown : This is important but PI backtest does not evaluate it correctly. Most of the time it shows 0.

Risk to reward ratio : In PI I find it simply depends upon ration number of losing trades and winning trades. Max is 1, good to be above 0.6.