Help Needed in measuring 1st 15-Min candle's % movement

Hello @Streak experts,

I am in a need of a help.
I would like to perform a trade based on the 1st min candles % movement

My strategy would be like - if the 1st 15 min candle % movement is > 2.5% - do not take a trade.
Meaning if the 1st 15-min candle’s LOW PRICE - 100. and HIGH - 103. then % - (103-100)/100 % = 3% so my trade should not execute.

I am able to scan the same using chartink. But in streak scanner - I can’t. Basically I can’t add any of such condition in the scanner OR can create a strategy for a particular stock based on that.

Please help…

Hi @bubunis,

You can use the following condition.