Help needed, placed few MIS transactions by mistake

OK, I am new to trading and use Zerodha. By mistake I placed a few MIS transaction instead of CNC and stocks I purchased got sold at the end of the day.

Now they are being treated as InteraDay. There are 5 such transactions with turnover of 2000.

As per ITR rule I should submit ITR3 but some people are suggesting to use ITR2 as I only have a few transactions. What should I do?

For current year as well I have made one interaday transaction, I will have same issue next year as well.

Please suggest.

If you incurred any losses and want to carry them forward file itr3.
Otherwise it’s upto you.
Turnover of 2k is almost negligible.

Just ignore! No problem

Thanks, No loss just benefit of 1600.

I just want to avoid any sort of mess. so this benefit of 1600 I will show in capital gain.